Paul Ballard is a British Videographer & Editor
Based in Tokyo since 2012



Some of the amazing brands and clients I have had the pleasure of working with in Japan since 2012



As a professional videographer, I am skilled in capturing the most important moments of your event. With a creative eye and attention to detail, I will work with you to create a personalized video that tells your unique story and showcases the emotions you want to convey. From podcasts to real estate, food shows to Spartan races, whatever the project, my goal is to capture your moment in the best quality possible.


Thanks to modern technology drones now offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for capturing stunning aerial footage. I can film breathtaking views of your property, event, or landscape for a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography with a fast turnaround time.


Sometimes freezing a moment has more impact that capturing it in motion. From landscapes to live events here are a collection of shots taken during my time filming and exploring Japan.


An often overlooked element, Music can turn a scary scene into something comical, a happy scene into something heartbreaking. With over 30 years of experience you can be sure I'll find the right genre to fit your goals.

*All images and videos displayed on this website were captured by Paul Ballard

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