Paul Ballard - About

Born and raised in South East London, England. Paul is a freelance Videographer/Editor currently residing in Japan.

From the age of 12 years old Paul embraced his creative side in the form of composing
music. Then in 2007 during the early days of YouTube's creation he discovered a new love for making videos. With his first Camcorder (a SONY Hi8 Camcorder DCR-TRV235E) he went about learning cinematography as well as animation to help hone his skills in visual content creation to aid alongside his music endeavors.

In 2012 Paul moved to Japan to pursue a career in the entertainment industry whereby he won Japan network NTV's coveted national TV singing competition
Nodojiman the World. This in turn jumpstarted his career in the music industry resulting in him being flown all over the country to perform on various stages.

At the end of 2019 on the cusp of Covid, Paul decided to reignite his passion for camerawork and dived head first into the world of video again alongside
Nicholas Pettas (2001 K1 Champion) whom he'd met via Nodojiman the World. Paul helped film and edit for Nicholas' YouTube channel Junk Food Japan whereby he was headhunted by other creators such as Chris Broad of Abroad in Japan leading to more work filming and editing videos for other clients.

As a bilingual creator with over 30 years of experience to date, Paul has worked with brands such as SONY and Universal as well as established talents such as
Chris Hart, Connor Colquhoun and Donna Burke while continuing to grow his experience as a multi-talented artist.

Gear I use

  • SONY FX3
  • 16-35mm GMii / 24-70mm GMii / 70-200mm GMii
  • Sennheiser 416 / Rōde Wireless Pro
  • Zhiyun Molus X100 Lighting Bowens Mount

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Ready when you are!

I'm always excited to be a part of amazing new creative projects.
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